Friday, November 23, 2012


Curley Goulet
Over the course of the year I have run some BIG IMPORTANT races including: The Boston Marathon, The Pineland Farms 25k, The Stone Cat 50 Miler, and nearly every race in the New England Grand PrixSeries. So, last weekend I decided to mix it up a bit and run a LITTLE IMPORTANT race – The Curley Goulet Memorial Novemberfest Trail Race and Party

The Curley Goulet Novemberfest is organized by members of my running club – The Gate City Striders. It is named after the deceased former president of Club National.  Curley opened the doors of his club on Pine Street in Nashua to all Striders who affectionately referred to it as "church" for over 25 years. And, in that tradition of giving, all the proceeds from Novemberfest benefited one of Curley's favorite charities, the Nashua Children's Home

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

50 Miles from Home

I signed up for the Stone Cat 50 Miler back in June of this year and then spent the next 5 months trying to wrap my mind around it. Being nearly twice as long as any official race I’d ever done, I was both excited and overwhelmed by the sheer “bigness” of it. So many questions bounced around my brain as I formulated my plan of attack. How should I train? What pace should I run? What shoes should I wear? How long will it take? What should I eat? And, the biggest question of all: What exactly happens beyond that mystical 26.2 mile mark?

Well, now that I’ve done it, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 

Running 50 miles really isn’t all that hard!