Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I really love running on the trails this time of year. All the leaves have fallen and are blanketing the brown & dirty ground. The sun is low in the sky but shines brightly through the leafless forest canopy. It’s crisp and cold but the snow has yet to arrive. Cross country season is over but snowshoe season is still a month away. It’s like trail running’s “curtain call” before the snow and ice of winter make the trails impassable (save for snowshoes) over the next few months.

I’m particularly fortunate this time of year to have a wonderful system of trails right outside my daytime door. A patchwork of Conservation Land, Wildlife Refuges, and Town Forests just across the street from where I work in Carlisle, MA. The trails system I run on stretches along the west side of the Concord River from Route 225 in the South up to Treble Cove Road in the North and includes land parcels named Foss Farm, Great Meadows and The Greenough Land.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Couples Therapy

Oh, Trail Running! Why do you hate me so! Today’s hidden trip, slimy-root slip, knee smash, face-plant in the mud on my lunch-time run was totally uncalled for. I know our relationship can be Rocky at times but this latest abuse is the last straw! That’s it, Trail Running. I’m walking out on you!