In Other Words

These are some examples of my writing ...

The Darkest Day 
December 21st, five years ago today
The earth did have its darkest day
The winter solstice marked the time
A brightest light was snuffed away

The jumbo jet fell from the sky
While ornaments were hung on high
Innocent victim of a terrorist act
A senseless cause for one to die

Family and friends could not believe
This joyous season now one to grieve
The trip abroad with much to share
Memories lost we'd not retrieve

Stoic and strong we had to try
But played the songs with teary eye
Classmates and some not seen in years
Gathered together to say goodbye

Goodbye to one so young of age
A too our youth we turned the page
Saddened so that each had passed
A sense of loss combined with rage

Though solstice has the longest night
Day with scarce amount of light
It also brings a ray of hope
That those to come will be more bright

And if an answer's to be sought
For this wicked evil wrought
Give your love to friends each day
That’s the greatest lesson taught

- Written in 1993 and dedicated to my friend Steven Boland who was killed  in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21st, 1988.


Up in the mountains above the great north wood
There grows a tree where nothing else could
In a place where only the strong survive
This twisted wood has learned to thrive

Growing up close in groups of kin
They protect each other from the wind
Working as one against the cold
These trees can live to centuries old

Molded and shaped by ice and snow
That controls the pace they’re allowed to grow
Rebellious branches that go too high
Are quickly frozen and exposed to die

The bitter wind it is forced to fight
Is the cause of its irksome plight
Their seed is brought by the breeze below
Where its larger cousins are free to grow

From along the trail their look is rough
But a hikers friend when things get tough
They form a shelter in the wind
A place to rest and begin again

God bless the krummolz this alpine tree
A model of living for all to see
Its life may be hard from death to birth
But its view is unlike any other on earth

- Dedicated to my Mom


Walk With Me
Come walk with me and be my friend
We’ll hike the path until its end
The primal feat of strolling the wood
Our kindred exchange is pure and good

Who will guide and who will show
We each know much but much to know
Birch from maple, fir from hemlock
Worlds discovered along our walk

Exploring new fields to expand our horizon
Seeking the truth and where it lies in 

In nature the world diverges from the real
Perhaps in here we can start to feel

The sun is racing our time is at hand
We must share the load to cross the land
Treasures we'll find along our way
To take and pass to others someday

The journey begins as a simple act
We join together and make this pact
Though the road is long and the peak is high
Let us promise now to attempt to try

- Dedicated to my Dad

Harbor Light

A captain stands strong in the face of the storm
His crew huddles low staying close to stay warm
The ship they called home is tossed in the fury
As the waves crash down the picture turns blurry

Three battered souls are cast to the land
Their boat is destroyed and awash in the sand
Lost out at sea they’re alone and afraid
Unsure what to do with the plans they had made

They must build and move on the captain decides
He gathers the wreckage amid stifled cries
A skiff is what’s needed to cast off these chains
So he fashions a raft with all that remains

Push off from the shore leave the old world behind
Concerns about what new worlds they would find
For months they did drift in and out of the haze
Discouraged and tired in this fog-induced daze

A sound came to him as the sleeping crew stirred
It started out low and just barely heard
Then a flash in the night that cut through the mist
Like a new lovers lips just before they are kissed

The captain exclaimed and started to shout
His crew quickly turned the small craft about
A harbor light gleamed and showed them the way
To a safe haven they were welcomed to stay

Arriving on the shore he found a first mate
Who thought it was near to being too late
Two more soon were added - number six and five
A family at last they were awake and alive

Now when they travel they do so together
A vessel they sail no matter the weather
If the fog does roll in and they feel all alone
The harbor light’s there to lead them back home

- Dedicated to my Wife


Mean to Me
The discovery of love where once was none
A burning desire that shames the sun
Blissful euphoria for all to see
This is what you mean to me

The embodiment of God’s heavenly grace
An aura surrounds your radiant face
Timeless style and lasting beauty
This is what you mean to me

The energy of an impetuous child
A vivacious spirit, free and wild
Living life with real vitality
This is what you mean to me

The thoughtful gesture true and pure
A gentle touch so near demure
Having means to inspire profoundly
This is what you mean to me

The inner strength of new-found treasure
A courageous heart without measure
Passionate soul of enduring intensity
This is what you mean to me

The sincere forgiveness to save the day
A patient humor in a knowing way
Natural kindness of generosity
This is what you mean to me

The excitement of seeing what’s to come
A dream of living, two as one
For all that is and yet to be
That is what you mean to me

The Crossroads
Life’s a web of hiking trails that stretches out for years
In certain spots those trails do cross and intersect with tears
We crossed paths at one such hub and got to know each other
Talked about the roads we shared which brought us one another
Regretfully we said goodbye and went our separate ways
We’ve both been back to that crossroad but both on different days
Each time I passed I would recall the moments that we shared
Then quickly to the next new trail to ease the pain I beared
I’ve reached another dead end road - now back from where it lead
This time I’ll stop to gather strength for challenges ahead
Sitting there I will be pleased our paths have crossed for good
Since that will mean you’ve found your way out of this weary wood
But knowing well my heart would leap for joy to see your face
For then we’d walk and find our path together through this place

Memories from our youth seem more vivid than recent events because at that point in our lives every little thing felt like a matter of life or death. Kids say things like, "This is going to be the best party ever!" or "I'll just die if she won't go out with me!" Adults just don’t think like that. I guess life's more memorable if you're constantly on the verge of puking.


Don't waste time worrying about where you think you should be. Instead, choose to focus on where you are.

It's been my experience that the best way to guarantee that something does NOT occur is to plan it out in great detail.


A parent's primary job, other than loving their children, is to teach them not to need us - which is quite a challenge considering they come into this world as toothless, hairless creatures who are nearly blind, can't roll over and crap green paste!


Sometimes love is like the crimson cape of a matador. Its red-hot brilliance mesmerizes us and we charge like a crazed animal.  But, when we reach out for its heart-warming splendor, it’s deftly twirled away, revealing little more than a soul-less void and a pain in the neck for our troubles.
Hope can sometimes be the first step on the path to misery, but without it you're already there.
Sorrow and Pain become Solace and Peace with Love and Time...  but, mostly Love.


Anger is a prison for which forgiveness is the only key.


Forget those Spartan, Mudder, or Warrior races. The toughest obstacle you'll ever overcome is the one between your ears.

Meaningful change must come from within. Because, even if you change your job, your house, or your relationship, you still have to live with yourself.
A successful person is one who, rather than bask in the glow of the spotlight, uses that light to lead others out of darkness.


If you want to know where God is, think about where the inspiration to do, or create, something beautiful comes from. And, that’s where you’ll find him.
Life is a lot like spin art. You can't appreciate the picture that you've painted until is slows down and ultimately stops.
No one truly dies if the lives they touch are enhanced by their having lived.