Friday, January 15, 2010

About Me

I started running when I was an out-of-shape nearly 30 year old who desperately needed a change in lifestyle. “Why not start running again? I couldn’t possibly be any worse at it than when I was in High School, right?” Come to find out it takes significantly more effort to propel a 240lb. body than a 140lb. one! It was at that point that I figured I needed a goal in order to take my mind off the pain that my body was feeling. So, I decided that once I could run a mile without stopping, I’d start training to run Boston. For some reason this seemed like a logical progression to me. Little did I know that my decision would mark the beginning of an odyssey of stunning disappointment and profound joy that is the world of long distance running.

Twelve years and 18 marathons later I’m: a proud father of 4 – Casey (18), Erin (16), Emily (3) & Ethan (3 mo.), a fortunate husband of Johanne, and a semi-proud owner 3:00:22 marathon PR. I’ve been a member of the Gate City Striders since we moved to Nashua in 2003. I’m currently the clubs “Competition Coordinator” which is basically a professional way of saying that I’m the chief motivator, communicator & cheerleader for the racing team. In addition to marathons, I enjoy running trail races, cross-country races, mountain races, track races, relay races and road races of any distance (except 5k’s – those really hurt). When I’m not running I sleep. When I’m not sleeping (or running) I like to build stuff, write stories, read stories, climb mountains, take photos, draw pictures and raise children.

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