Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Up in the mountains above the great north wood
There grows a tree where nothing else could
In a place where only the strong survive
This twisted wood has learned to thrive

Growing up close in groups of kin
They protect each other from the wind
Working as one against the cold
These trees can live to centuries old

Molded and shaped by ice and snow
That controls the pace they’re allowed to grow
Rebellious branches that go too high
Are quickly frozen and exposed to die

The bitter wind it is forced to fight
Is the cause of its irksome plight
Their seed is brought by the breeze below
Where its larger cousins are free to grow

From along the trail their look is rough
But a hikers friend when things get tough
They form a shelter in the wind
A place to rest and begin again

God bless the krummolz this alpine tree
A model of living for all to see
Its life may be hard from death to birth
But its view is unlike any other on earth

- Dedicated to my Mom who has been my shelter in the wind on more than a few occasions. Love ya' Mom!

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  1. YOU are a total brown-noser this week of Mother's Day, Michael! (love ya anyway - your sister)

  2. What??? None dedicated to your only sister??

  3. I'm actually working on a poem for you as we speak. Now, what rhymes with "itch"? ;)

    Love you too sis!

  4. I too am writing what rhymes with "pass?"