Friday, June 29, 2012

Progress Report

Seeing as though we’re almost exactly half-way through the calendar year I thought I’d take a look back to see how I’m doing on my Running Goals for 2012.

Training Goals:

Stay injury free for the duration of 2012.

Grade: C+ Only one semi-injury and the 3-week duration was fairly manageable. Still, I’d really like my hamstring problems to be behind me once and for all.

Get my weight below 180 (184 currently) and keep it there for the year.
Grade: B-  Got to 180, stayed there for 2 weeks, now back up to 184.
It would be a lot easier if the cookies, chips and ice cream didn’t call me by name!

Add more (and varied) cross training exercises to my training routine.

Grade: B+  Been swimming, biking, trail running and have even spent some time at the gym. Shocker!

Learn to swim. Not just treading water, but proper swimming technique.

Grade: A-  Took a class. Began slowly but have really improved as I’ve started to figure some things out. I really enjoy it and I'm looking forward to my first open-water swim later this summer.

Summary: For the most part I've been pretty happy with my training so far this year. I'm averaging more miles per week than I ever have in my 15 years of training. And with the biking and swimming it's been a very good mix of workouts. Certainly not bored.

Racing Goals:

Compete in my first duathlon race.
Grade: Incomplete. Missed my first opportunity at Rye – pouring rain and my poor bike skills don’t mix. Next real chance is The Maniac Duathlon in Biddeford, ME. Race Date: 10/9. Might even do the Circle Tri (if I get up the nerve) Race Date: 10/2

Complete my first 50 mile race.

Grade: Incomplete. Signed up for Stonecat which was no easy feat considering it sold out in less than an 2 hours. Now all I have to do is train for it! Race Date: 11/3

Become an Iron-Runner by running each of the 7 NEGP races
Grade: Incomplete. More than halfway there. Having done all 4 of the 7 races, so far. Will have an interesting decision to make about the Cape Cod Marathon seeing as it’s one week before the 50 miler. Race Date: 10/28

Win a race - of any distance.
Grade: Incomplete. Came close with a second place finish at the Freeze Your Buns 5k in January. Doesn’t seem likely at this point, unless I get lucky (and fast) in the next 6 months. Race Date: TBD.

Summary: I think that all of these are achievable (with perhaps the lone exception being the last one) since most of them are about preparation and persistence.  Two qualities I feel I have an ample supply of.

Time Goals:

1m: 5:10

Not raced this distance yet. Had hoped to try it at the track during the GCS Ultimate Runner but that’s not going to be happening. Maybe I’ll try in the Fall.

5k: 17:30 (5:38) 
Best so far: Jan 22 - Freeze Your Buns 5k - 18:47 (6:03)

5m: 29:00 (5:48) 
Best so far: Feb 11 - Bradford Valentines 5m - 32:41 (6:33) sick

10k: 36:30 (5:54) 
Best so far: June 10 - Newton 10k  - 52:07 (8:29) injured

10m: 1:02:00 (6:12)
Best so far: Feb 26 - DH Jones 10m - 1:06:36 (6:40) very hilly

1/2m: 1:22:00 (6:16)
Best so far: Mar 18 - New Bedford Half Marathon - 1:25:10 (6:30)

Mar: 3:00:00 (6:52)

Best so far: Apr 16 - Boston Marathon - 4:09:10 (9:31) brutal heat

Summary: These time goals seem out of reach at the moment with my current level of speed - or lack thereof. Hopefully things will turn around in the second half of the season. But, with my primary focus being on the 50 Miler in November I’m not so sure about that.

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