Friday, March 8, 2013

Group Love

I run at lunch and work in the middle of nowhere. So, needless to say, 90% of my workouts are done alone. And that’s fine. My schedule is my own. I leave when I want. Add detours where I choose and cut it short if things are going badly. No problem. That being said, the other 10% of my workouts are the true highlights of my training year!

I joined a running club primarily as a way to meet people who live nearby and who share a similar passion for the sport I adore. But, I also joined because running in a group is a ton of fun! Whether it’s for a long run, a track workout, or a race, there’s nothing quite like running with others to make you feel a part of something greater than yourself!

Racing on a team is awesome. Warming-up, toeing the line and competing with a group of teammates (who want you to succeed) gives to the feeling that you can reach heights that you couldn’t otherwise have achieved on your own. Plus, you know that there’s someone (or many someone’s) out there who have your back and are depending on you to run your best. I’ve run many a relay race where I KNOW I’ve pushed myself harder because my teammate was there at the end of the leg - waiting on me!

Track workouts are also much better with a group. There are plenty of people to push (or pull) you around the track when you otherwise might be slowing down or, worse yet, not showing up at all!  In the summertime, our team gets more than a 100 runners to the track on any given Wednesday night. We warm-up on the cool, cushy trails of Mine Falls Park then try to run each others legs off on the Nashua South track. I can’t think of a better way to spend a warm summer evening!

The miles just fly by on the Saturday morning long runs with my training group in Hollis, NH. Much of the time is spent laughing (or commiserating) over what’s happened during the week. Usually, conversations revolve around the stupid things our kids (or spouses) have done. We also discuss our plans for upcoming races, goals for the year or fears over sickness or injury. And, we encourage (and sometimes reprimand) each other for over (or under) doing it. In short, we're kind of like a running family!

Family Photo

My running family is the Gate City Striders. And I can’t imagine calling anyplace else home. Where’s your running home?


  1. Well, you know my story. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm home. I think the GLRR is probably a good place for me to start. They meet for they're long runs right down the street from me (and with 2 little kids around that's important to me), and even though I don't know them yet, I find it hard to believe that they're not a great group of people. I don't think I've met a running group that I didn't like...

  2. Yup, it's a delicate balance to be sure. GLRR is a fine club and the benefits of team camaraderie are worth any amount of good-natured ribbing that your GCS friends might give you for running with them. :)

    That being said, you are still welcome to run with us anytime you're in the neighborhood. And, even when you're not.