Sunday, September 8, 2013

48 Things

48 things learned while hiking New Hampshire’s 48 highest peaks:

  1. Don’t forget to look up every once in a while.
  2. Bring more water than you think you’ll need. Or …
  3. Bring a water filter. Unfortunately, I did neither.
  4. Don’t hike alone. It’s more fun with friends. Or …
  5. If you do hike alone, don’t tell your wife.
  6. Read the AMC guide. I didn’t because it scared me.
  7. I like single track. Well-pruned single track.
  8. I don’t like low, pointy, angry branches.
  9. I also don’t like clearing cobwebs with my face.
  10. Make a point of volunteering on a trail building crew.
  11. AMC Hut Croo are seriously awesome people.
  12. Views are great, but never guaranteed.
  13. Always have a Plan-B. And, a Plan-C. And …
  14. Never trust the local weather forecast.
  15. Ridgelines know no seasons.
  16. It never ALWAYS gets worse.
  17. Never underestimate the power of a hot shower.
  18. Or, the comfort of real food, for that matter.
  19. Know your animal scat. And …
  20. Keep yours at least 200 ft. from a water source.
  21. Don’t throw your pack across a river. It will break.
  22. Wait for a thunderstorm to pass before climbing.
  23. The mountain will always be there. Unlike you.
  24. No 4000 footer ever gives up her elevation easily.
  25. The best trail-ends are ones with cold rivers to sit in.
  26. Fear of missing a shuttle ride is a great motivator.
  27. Chaffing can ruin an otherwise great day.
  28. Bike shorts can be your best friend. Seriously.
  29. Keep your camera battery fully charged.
  30. Mount Clay (5333 ft) should be part of the 4k club.
  31. All mountains should come with fire towers.
  32. Able Crawford was a trail building genius.
  33. Hiking up out of notches is very hard work. And …
  34. Hiking down into notches can be quite terrifying.
  35. Mount Moosilauke is extremely underrated.
  36. Mount Washington is extremely overrated.
  37. Never turn your back on a mountain. It may bite.
  38. Wet rocks are vengeful rocks. In disguise.
  39. Don’t think too far ahead. You’ll fall on your behind.
  40. Leave bushwacking to the professionals.
  41. Tim Seaver is an absolute trail-running stud.
  42. It’s possible to be nauseous and hungry at the same time.
  43. It’s even possible to become sick of yourself.
  44. Be kind to your fellow hikers while out on the trail.
  45. It may hurt to walk but it doesn’t hurt to smile.
  46. Even the best solo hikers can’t do it all on their own.
  47. If something doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing.
  48. Plan the next trip now. True regret is the path not taken.

Happy Trails!


  1. Congratulations and great post Michael. I think #43 is my favorite... When things are going South, even I get sick of my whining! Great accomplishment.

    1. Thanks AL. I think of it more as an experience than an accomplishment. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to try this. Have fun out there!