Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Midway Island

As we turn the page on June (and with it the first half of 2014) I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect upon the high/low lites of my year so far...

  • I’ve Logged 1791 miles this year for a weekly average of 68.6. My highest ever to this point in the season.
  • I’ve not lost even one day of Training due to injury. Any off days I’ve taken so far have been by choice.
  • I’ve lost 7 pounds this year, with just 3 more to go to get back 185 - which is where I was this time Last Year.
  • I’ve raised nearly $1500 for Progeria Research through 100 Miles for Sam. Not a bad start.
  • I’ve had more than just a Little Fun with my friends. Thankfully, they are almost as crazy as I am.
  • I’ve made a ton of new friends. Mostly through the great Trail Animal races I’ve been able to take part in.
  • I’ve visited the "most magical place on earth" with my two yougest kids and lived to tell The Tale. Barely.
  • I’ve watched My Son graduate near the top of his college class, then begin the adventure of a lifetime.
  • I’ve survived being a Single Dad during the work-week. More importantly, so have my two Young Children.
  • I’ve written a couple new stories that I’m happy with, but none more so than the one I wrote Here.
  • I’ve run 8 Races ranging in distance from 5k to 50 miles. And, a couple of those I was even happy with.
  • I’ve set a 50k PR and a 50m PW, in the span of 6 weeks. With race day weather being the primary difference.
  • I’ve run/hiked up 3 Mountains, and each of those I did twice. With Many More to come this weekend.
  • I’ve been inspired by both a brave 17-year old kid and a humble 26-year old trail running phenom.
Despite (or maybe because of) the few tough stretches I’ve had, I feel extremely fortunate that the first half of the year has gone as well as it has.  And, I can only hope that the rest of the year holds the same good fortune.

So, with that, here’s to the road that lies ahead!

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