Friday, November 14, 2014

Lessons Learned

The incredible journey that I was fortunate enough to take, in both training for and running a 100 mile race, taught me many valuable lessons.

Here are 20 of them, in no particular order:

1.       There’s no point in doing something, unless you put everything you have into it.

2.      Ultra marathons are insanely great. With both words having equal billing.

3.      It’s OK if you don’t know what you’re doing. No one else does either.

4.      Use your watch only as a reminder to drink/eat. Never for time of day.

5.      Laughing, smiling and singing (even when you don’t feel like it) can really help.

6.      Toenails are one of the most useless (and painful) parts of your anatomy.

7.      Never underestimate the power of chicken broth.

8.     A little dab of Desitin can totally save your ass.

9.     Puking can be surprisingly beneficial.

10.   No matter how bad you feel, it never always gets worse.

11.   When trying to run a long way it’s best to avoid warm fires and comfy chairs.

12.   It’s OK to be proud of the color of your pee.

13.   100 miles is not that far, but 10 can feel like forever.

14.   Friends can be a tremendous source of strength, if you allow them be.

15.   Never trust a fart after mile 92.

16.   It's always coldest right before the dawn.

17.   The only thing that suffering means is that you’re still alive.

18.   It’s best to finish, if you can. So you won’t ever have to do it again.
19.   You are awesome! And capable of way more than you realize.

20.  Run 100 miles. Not because you are fast, or strong, or smart.
        But, because you are crazy enough to believe that you can!


  1. Love this! I was just putting together a similar list :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yeah, I figured at least some of the experiences I had would be universal.