Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canadian Boot Camp

As a rule, I typically don’t post much (if any) of my training schedule or running log on-line. This is partly because there’s really no magic in it. I run practically every day at a variety of distances and at a variety of paces. Big deal, right? And, it’s not like I’m ever going to be an Olympian, or anything. So what’s the point, really? That being said, I'm making an exception this week to discuss an unusual kind of training that I’ve been doing these past 7 days.

Twice a year, my family and I go up to New Brunswick (Canada) to visit my wife’s relatives. They live in the Capital City of  Fredericton which is about 450 miles northeast of Nashua and a whole world away. In fact, it’s a full length of Maine (plus a good bit on either end) away. Usually we head up there once in the middle of the summer and once during the week between Christmas and New Years. So, basically, we're in Canada during the hottest and coldest times of the year. Therefore, long runs during our Winter Trips (at subzero temps plus windchill) are always a challenge in this "Great White North". And, speed work during the Summer Trips is generally an exercise in sweat managment. So this summer, with the record heat wave, more than lived up to it's advanced billing.

Now, in addition to the usual family stuff we do up there (swimming, eating, boating, eating, hiking, eating, kayaking & more eating) I also like to hold my bi-annual “Canadian Boot Camp”, which generally means I run every chance I get and sometimes more than that. And, no matter where my fitness happens to be at the time, it always serves as a kick start to either my Fall, or Spring, training schedule. Also, the nice thing about running a lot in Fredericton in the summertime is the access to the terrific running trails they have along the majestic St. John River. Shady, stone dust paths which are fairly flat and like Canada, typically uncrowded.

This Fall I’m planning on running the Clarence Demar Marathon, which will be my first marathon in almost two years and my first long road race since the knee injury at the end of last year. And, I figured this week would be as good an opportunity as any to crank my marathon training program up a notch. So, I made sure to include the usual: 1 long run, 1 medium long run, 1 tempo run, 1 hill repeat session and a handful of recovery runs in between for good measure. Of course, the real “boot camp” aspect of the training was due to the extremely high temperatures (80-90 Fahrenheit degrees, or 26-32 Celsius if you prefer) and oppressively high humidity.

Canadian Boot Camp – July 3rd to July 9th

Saturday (7/3): 8 mile run (easy)- 1:01:20 (7:41)

Sunday (7/4): 20 mile run (long) – 2:29:09 (7:38)
1st half 1:17:44 (7:59) & 2nd half 1:11:25 (7:19)

Monday (7/5): 6 mile run (easy) – 46:32 (7:45)

Tuesday (7/6): 8 mile run (hills) – 1:02:45 (7:50)
with 3:30 up & 3:30 dn

Wednesday (7/7): 12 mile run (medium long) 1:30:24 (7:32)

Thursday (7/8): 6 mile run (easy) – 45:31 (7:35)

Friday (7/9): 10 mile run (tempo) – 1:12:32 (7:15)
with 5m @ tempo 32:32 (6:30)

Weekly Totals:

Distance: 70 miles
Runs: 7 (10 mpd)
Pace: 7:36 per mile
Weight lost: 2 pounds
Sweat lost: Countless gallons

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