Friday, July 2, 2010

Mount Washington – Run vs. Hike

A side by side comparison

After recently doing both a Run and a Hike up Mount Washington, I thought I’d do a little side by side comparison of each to see which one was better. See if you can guess which one of the two I liked more …

                                    Run                  Hike
Distance:                      7.6 miles           44 miles
Duration:                      1.5 hours          100 hours
Elevation Gain:            4688 ft              18, 400 ft
Mountains:                   1                      14
Weight Carried:           192 lbs             242 lbs
Food Consumed:          2 gels*             10 meals
Snowball fights:           0                      1
Wildlife Seen:              1 (a)                  8 (b)
Goals Met:                    3/6                    6/6
Enjoyment Level:         4 (c)                  8 (d)     
Awards Received:        1                      Countless
Lessons Learned:         4 (e)                  4 (f)
* temporarily

a)       Denny Leblanc

b)       Gnat, Spider, Fly, Chipmunk, Bird, Fox, Hippie, Moose

c)       Would have been a 2 if our team didn’t do as well as it did.

d)       Would have been a 10 if we got to see a bear.

e)       1. Don’t participate in the lottery to run this race.
2. Don’t attempt to get a bypass to run this race.
3. Don’t run this race.
4. Don’t even think about this race again.

f)         1. Even though we are quite different, my son is pretty neat.
2. Given time, people can adapt to any given situation.
3. Never underestimate the power of friendship.
4. The toughest challenges can be met one step at a time.

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  1. Awesome write-up and I'm with you! Must times going slowly and absorbing the scenery rather than just trying to get it done is far more rewarding.