Friday, January 25, 2013

Harbor Light

This is a poem I wrote which is a shorter (and rhymier) companion piece to the story I posted HERE earlier this week. Enjoy!

Harbor Light
A captain stands strong in the face of the storm
His crew huddles low staying close to stay warm
The ship they called home is tossed in the fury
As the waves crash down the picture turns blurry

Three battered souls are thrown to the land
Their boat is destroyed and awash in the sand
Lost out at sea they’re alone and afraid
Unsure what to do with the plans they had made

They must build and move on the captain decides
He gathers the wreckage amid stifled cries
A skiff is what’s needed to cast off these chains
So he fashions a raft with all that remains

Push off from the shore leave the old world behind
Concerned with what new worlds they would find
For months they did drift in and out of the haze
Discouraged and tired in this fog-induced daze

A sound came to him as the sleeping crew stirred
It started out low and just barely heard
Then a flash in the night that cut through the mist
Like a new lovers lips just before they are kissed

The captain exclaimed and started to shout
His crew quickly turned the small craft about
A harbor light gleamed and showed them the way
To a safe haven where they were welcome to stay

Arriving on the shore he found a first mate
Who thought it was near to being too late
Two more soon were added - number six and five
A family at last they were awake and alive

Now when they travel they do so together
A vessel they sail no matter the weather
If the fog does roll in and they feel all alone
The harbor light’s there to lead them back home

 - Dedicated to my Wife

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